New Game Mode: Assault

Until now Cloudbuilt’s combat has been built around slow moving projectiles, homing shots and explosions. You did not have to aim too much and it was reasonably easy to dodge most bullets. All that is just about to change with the new Assault game mode!


Your pistol will now function as a high velocity SMG style weapon with a much larger clip, but force you to take both aiming and recoil into account. Enemies also get a boost to their weapons and their bullets travel three times the normal speed, making dodging significantly harder.

Being able to react quickly and deal direct damage makes for more intense battles, and the change in mechanics require you to use new tactics, coordination and skill to conquer the levels.


This will mark the first time we add a new game mode to the game! You will be able to play this mode both on all new levels, and on all old levels that contained enemies, but you will need to unlocked them by first clearing DLC levels.

Anders DavalliusComment