Our Story

Coilworks is a small Swedish indie studio of 6 members located in Skövde.

Created in 2011 Coilworks goal has always been the same, to create deep games with new experiences for core gamers.

So far, the games we’ve released is Cloudbuilt and Super Cloudbuilt, the later released on both PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Our process

All Coilworks’ games are powered though our in-house engine and tools, custom made for the kind of games we are making. Ensuring the tools are suitable for the job and no limits are set by anyone else.

When we make a game we always focus on the games mechanics first, making them as deep as possible and fun to play over and over. Even after working on the game for multiple years we still love playing it.

On top of that we also always try to find a unique art style that talks to our strength as a studio, where we have strong artists that can work close with the engine creation to shape both the games rendering and tools we use to create our assets.

It’s a lot of tough work, but it’s ultimately very rewarding.