DLC Release Announcement & Summary

For the last 13 days we’ve been posting news and screenshots from the upcoming Cloudbuilt DLC, covering plenty of fresh content to spruce up the experience. Please look forward to more, similar updates as we plan to continue in the same fashion for the next 10 days - which, “coincidentally” will be the day of the release. In other words, the 21st of November!

To keep everyone in the loop we decided to collect all the posts in one update for a more accessible overview right below. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and are looking forward to the release! We are. ;)

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New themes and levels


This level is surrounded in an ominous green fog, falling leaves and rotting foliage, not quite as cozy as the lush overgrown ruins from last time. You better stay on your toes as you traverse these treacherous structures, enemies can lurk behind every corner.



The vines and grass don’t seem to thrive in the light of this red moon, but these flowers are doing remarkably well.


This level will be far from a walk in the park, but if you got time to stop and look around you can get a pretty nice view.


It’s time to introduce Cloudbuilts hottest level yet! Maybe a little too hot for some, but don’t worry! Even though the level is surrounded by blazing flames and the level itself is burning, you won’t take any damage from the fire. Though, the red light, embers and smoke might make things harder to see at times. Better keep your eyes peeled.


New Enemies

Pulse Core & Pulse Gate

What are these mysterious orbs? They don't look very menacing. They only follow a fixed path and are in no way aggressive. They don’t even deal damage to you if you touch them, instead they throw you away, which to be fair, can be just as deadly.


There is also their cousin, the Pulse Gate, but as it’s static and totally predictable, it’s not much of an enemy, maybe rather a tool?


Mine Lobber

You might be aware of the Drop Mines? Small innocent mines, often attached to the ceiling to drop down and greet guests that come to visit them (quite well-mannered one could say).

I bet most of you thought there were a little too few of them in the previous levels?

Let me introduce the Mine Lobber! They will never run out of their supplies, ensuring you will get all the mines you need, and maybe, probably even more…


Damage Gate and Generator

As with the Pulse gate it is a little hard to know if we should call this an enemy, but hey, at least it deals damage this time!

Damage Gates are red shields used to block your way (I would recommend you not to touch them if you can). Your bullets will just bounce of them, and there is no way of going straight through them. Their only weakness is that they are powered by a generator. If you destroy that generator the shield will go down. Now how hard can that be?

Oh, and one more detail, that's totally unfair, enemies bullets will pass straight through it. So you better keep an eye out for what’s on the other side!



Unless you intend to play the staring game, this enemy is not particularly strong, it has no offensive capabilities whatsoever, but the effect it has on other enemies is not to be ignored.

The Observer can sit on any surface in any location, silently observing and waiting. When it detects the player it will ruthlessly… stare at the player.... and of course alarm other enemies about the players state (a true snitch).

The Observer is not particular discrete, normally it gives off a clear green light and when a target is spotted it will start blinking bright red. So, if you find yourself approaching a silent and seemingly harmless corridor illuminated with a pleasant green light, you should probably think twice before entering.



Energy Plated Walls

These walls got more going for them than just a fancy look. Unlike any other wall you’ve encountered so far, these lets you channel energy through them, meaning that using boosted wallruns won’t drain your reserves. It might seem like this are just bound to make things much easier right?...


Pulse Gate Bouncing

We mentioned that the Pulse Gate and Pulse Core will throw you away if you get in contact with them, but it’s not only the player that they throw around. All enemies will be affected as well. Look out for bouncing Drop Mines! (Mine Lobber + Pulse Gate = DEADLY COMBO!!!)

Bullets do not get affected by the Pulse enemies’ energy fields, instead they just bounce of the surface. Hit a Pulse Orb and you won’t know where the shot might fly, but a big flat surface like the Pulse Gate may actually prove to be quite useful.


New Game Mode: Assault

Until now Cloudbuilt’s combat has been built around slow moving projectiles, homing shots and explosions. You did not have to aim too much and it was reasonably easy to dodge most bullets. All that is just about to change with the new Assault game mode!

Your pistol will now function as a high velocity SMG style weapon with a much larger clip, but force you to take both aiming and recoil into account. Enemies also get a boost to their weapons and their bullets travel three times the normal speed, making dodging significantly harder.

Being able to react quickly and deal direct damage makes for more intense battles, and the change in mechanics require you to use new tactics, coordination and skill to conquer the levels.

This will mark the first time we add a new game mode to the game! You will be able to play this mode both on all new levels, and on all old levels that contained enemies, but you will need to unlocked them by first clearing DLC levels.


Checkpoints and the DLC

Unlike previous levels, the levels in the DLC feature no standard checkpoints, you will instead have to rely entirely on picking up and deploying your own. This makes for a little different and more strategic play style. We would encourage everyone to take their time and not to rush the first time through these levels, keeping an eye out for these pickups can make a huge difference.


Introducing Model Skins

Unlike the previous skins in Cloudbuilt this DLC will include skins with all new models, enabling a much more diverse appearance than before.

There are more skins than this, but to give you a taste we have here to the left the standard skin, then we have a new sci-fi armor and lastly a high tech… medieval knight armor? What else could one ever wish for?!


Improved Level Selection

When the DLC is released the game will be updated with a new element in the level selection. Each level will be assigned a difficulty grade, hopefully making it easier to make a decision on where to go next.

Normally the difficulty ranks from 1 to 10, but Redeployment is marked with a skull symbol. One can only guess what rankings the DLC levels will have...

(This is a update that will be available even without the DLC)


Wow, that was a lot in one page, but there are even more to come!

Rember 21th November and stay tuned to our Twitter or Facebook page to get all the news as we announce it!

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