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Today marks the release of Coilworks’ latest addition to the Remix level series. If you’ve conquered the current stages and beaten our DLC packs, then prepare for your next challenge. These carefully crafted levels accentuate the most exciting and exhilarating parts of Cloudbuilt, Through the Fog and Defiance DLC packs.

We are overwhelmed by the support and love we have received from the community during Cloudbuilt’s evolution. It’s a true joy to see players immersing themselves in the game and pushing their speedrunning capabilities to the maximum. This is hugely motivating for us when creating new content for the fans.
— Coilworks

Each level is unlockable by completing previous remix levels and DLC packs.

Drumroll, please.

Even before Cloudbuilt was launched we have always been asked for a level editor and we are ecstatic to announce over the last few months we have been working to make this a reality for the community. We are super excited to see the creative and unique designs you will come up with. We know there is a ton of crazy ways to utilize Cloudbuilt’s mechanics that we haven’t had time to explore, especially those introduced in the Defiance DLC.
— Coilworks
The level editor will become a truly defining feature for Cloudbuilt and like Coilworks, we can’t wait to see what the community is capable of. The level editor is scheduled to be available at Cloudbuilt’s anniversary on 20th March. Until then, hone your skills and get ready for a whole new world of Cloudbuilt starting next month!
— Rising Star Game

Find the game on steam: Cloudbuilt

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