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Use over-the-top rocket powered parkour and reckless moves to carve your own way through challenging levels.


Through a heavy focus on speed and mobility you gain lots of freedom to choose your own resolve, and you are never limited by the controls. But it won’t be a cake walk. Use your reflexes and wits to survive, as you encounter numerous hazards, everything from immense mind bending obstacles to hostile robots standing in your way. All set in a mysterious and hostile dreamscape of floating ruins among the clouds.


Key Features

  • Carve your own path through every level.
  • Branching level selection.
  • Catchy soundtrack with a retro feel.
  • Challenge your friends' records, and beat their cloud saved ghosts.
  • No unlocking skills. It is all there to explore and master from the get go.
  • In-house engine.
  • Utilizes Nvidia PhysX Technology.

Others Say

"looking like some kind of neo-Viking marathon ballerina is the ultimate reward for learning all of a course’s curves and dimples"



"Cloudbuilt looks like it was developed in my dreams"



"I’m pregnant with admiration. Puking up pungent love crystals. Bleeding sweet-tasting fandom"



"Cloudbuilt feels wonderfully reminiscent of a high-speed Mirror's Edge”



"Imagine what [free runners] could do with a jetpack and rocket boots"




System Requirements (Tentative)

OS: Windows 7 (recommended), Windows XP / Vista (probably)

Processor: Core at 2.4 GHz, (dual core or better is recommended)

RAM: 2 Gb

GPU: OpenGL 3.0 or newer

Disk Space: 1,2 Gb free

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